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At Quaffable Wines we believe that wines are made to be enjoyed and we love wines you want to drink rather than sip. This does not mean that a Quaffable wine is a simple, crowd-pleasing wine without complexity. On the contrary do we consider many of the great wines from around the world to be Quaffable Wines.

Our ambition is to offer the Swedish consumers wines that focus on elegance, freshness and a nerve that makes you thirsty and intrigued. We know that this kind of wine can be found all over the world and the selection of producers represented by us is therefore not determined of origin, but from drinkability.

We love wines that carry a long tradition from medieval times when monks planted the first rows of wine. We also adore modern winemakers from new wine regions as well as from classical regions because we love different expressions and we love winemakers whose priority is to create a great wine. We adore wines that evoke emotions and we want to drink these wines by big sips. We hope that you do so as well.


Quaffable Wines is a young, dynamic wine importer but with extensive experience from all aspects of the Swedish wine market. With our team we have a privileged background from working at the tasting panel at Systembolaget and a very successful history of establishing producers on the Swedish market. Quaffable Wines is part of Vingruppen, a leading group of importers on the national market. As part of Vingruppen and its organizational structure we have an administrative team that are fit to cater any kind of producer from anywhere in the world. With this set up we offer our producers the stability and safety of a well-established company in administrative, logistic and financial matters, but as a newly found company we also offer you the passion, hunger and enthusiasm that should be the heart of any young enterprise.

The Swedish market

Sales in Sweden are largely driven by the Swedish state monopoly that caters for over 90% of all wine sales in the country. Systembolaget has over 420 stores and offer all kind of products, from large volume brands to small family estates. In order to be successful working with Systembolaget you need to have a good understanding of the how the monopoly works. At Quaffable Wines we have a sound understanding of how Systembolaget works given our previous experience of working there.

The vibrant Nordic restaurant scene is also becoming more and more important and as part of Vingruppen we have one of the most successful sales team in Sweden for the horeca offering national distribution.
With our extensive know how of all aspects of the Swedish market we believe that we offer our partners a very strong representation in our market.